I guide Independent Coaches who are looking to develop and grow their businesses by harnessing the power of technology, especially opportunities that are available via social media marketing presence. I am passionate about seeing my clients moving from having ZERO visibility and presence on a variety of social media platforms to successfully delivering their messages to clients and prospects using social media technologies. Over the past few years, I helped my clients to increase their revenues, establish themselves as leaders in their markets and launch products and services that make a difference in the world.

Before setting up my own business Increase Your Social Reach I spent 20 years in a variety of management roles with international companies where I developed expertise in project management, business analysis, application design, development, and implementation of tactics. I now use this expertise in my own business and help my clients to develop and implement powerful, effective and dynamic strategies to achieve their business goals.

As a catalyst for positive change, I have a history of engaging my clients to generate new ideas and increase overall performance. I am an expert at establishing policies, procedures, and technologies to enhance efficiency, financial health, and service to organize constituents.

I enjoy and am successful in building and strengthening strategic alliances internally and externally within the business.
For independent coaches and other entrepreneurs, social media is a great marketing tool: It is a platform to communicate your message, a platform to build your leadership and expertise, a platform to grow and nurture your customer base, a platform to advertise your products and services and platform to attract partners and develop new business opportunities.
The implementation of a social media management strategy is crucial to your business to give you the consistency, focus and put in place all the creative actions that are going to attract more clients to your business. Social Networking has revolutionised the way businesses do business nowadays and therefore it is necessary to explore new “avenues” and “think out of the box” on how to improve your business return on investment and increase your reach online.

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Ways We Can Work Together

Here are some ways we can work together:

  • One to One Consulting session – 3 Months / 6 Months
  • Done for you Social Media Strategy Report
  • 90 mins to 90 Days Planning Session
  • Project Management of your launching campaigns

There is nothing better than a virtual chat to understand exactly you want to achieve with social media & digital marketing for your business so I am inviting you to book a free 20 min “Leap” call to discuss.