Hello. I’m Angela and I’m an Organized Alchemist.

Traditionally, an alchemist has been someone who transforms base metals into precious gold or silver. As an Organized Alchemist, I work with you to manifest personal change by organizing and simplifying your life in a way that seems almost magical; so you have more freedom to live a life you truly love full of divine purpose and passion.

So if you’re looking for training, tips, and tools to help you get organized and simplify your life and business keep on reading…

Ways We Can Work Together

  • Are you ready to get organized and boost your productivity? Check out my Be Productive Blueprint course here.
  • Are you using Evernote to collect and organize all your files and “stuff”? Give me 90 minutes and I’ll have you using Evernote like a Pro! Learn more here.

Cool Free Things For You

  • Organize and Simplify Your Life One Weekly Project at a TimeRegister here and every Wednesday you’ll get a new Organize Your Life Now! Project. Sometimes it will be a quick and easy to do project and other times it will be more involved with several tasks. (Don’t worry; I won’t make them too hard!)
  • Your Checklist to Declutter Your Digital Life, Get Organized and Supercharge Your Productivity. Your FREE download includes the checklist, training videos and more resources to help you go from “Help! I’m so disorganized!” to feeling organized every day. Get the checklist here.
  • Get Your Free Coaching Toolkit and Increase Your Productivity. You’ll get sixteen done-for-you coaching forms you can customize, a meeting agenda template, a training video on setting up automated payments and scheduling, and more. Get instant access here.

Let’s Connect

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